I had moved back to town and was searching for a dentist. In the meantime I took my 100+ year old mother for a checkup with Dr. Brad. I was very impressed with his care and gentleness with her as well as the kindness and professionalism of his entire staff. They became my dental team. I've had a range of services from cleanings to checkups, a pain free extraction, and a crown placement. I remain highly impressed with each and every person in Dr. Brad's practice.

~ V.C. ~

I love the personal, friendly care that Dr. Brad gives. He and his staff are very comforting. I went for years without going to the dentist because of my fear and anxiety.

I have epilepsy. The scariest part of having seizures is the warnings, the almost vibrating sound in my head; it is an indescribable headache, and anticipating what is going to happen is almost worse than the actual seizure. The fall, the blackout, the muscle pains, and the stillness after sometimes when i can see things and hear around me, but cannot move or function yet. It took me years to be able to have the warnings without a full out panic attack before the seizure would even hit.

I have been seizure free for ten years. For me going to the dentist brings back all of the same feelings, the needles do not scare me, it is the drilling, the vibrating in my head. I went to Dr. Brad the first time only because I had a tooth ache right after he started his practice. Dr. Brad and his lovely assistant Heidi did their best to relax me and gave me "gas". I had never tried it before, no other dentist had offered, and it works. I do not panic anymore. I don't feel so "trapped" in the chair. I don't find the vibrating as pulsing as I had with other dentists. I have had to have numerous fillings and dental work. Medications can cause dental tooth damage, and I had a lot.

I accredit Dr. Brad and Heidi with the full set of teeth I still have. Without that first time of Dr. Brad's compassion and Heidi holding my hand, I may not have many teeth left. Now, I go in and get problems taken care of before I have pain.
Thank you Dr. Brad and all of your supportive staff for taking away my fears and anxiety.

~ Julie T. ~

I had a long history of dental traumas that led to my being extremely afraid of having any type of dental work performed  at all, including simple cleanings.  I avoided dental work for over 10 years.

When I developed a severe pain in a tooth, knowing it had broken in half and needed attention, I asked my friends about who they would recommend as a gentle, slow, excellent dentist.  I was referred to Dr. Brad Pulfer's office.

With great trepidation, I made and kept the first appointment.  I was totally amazed at how gentle and soft spoken and kind and compassionate everyone in the office was.  The initial exam of my mouth left me without feeling a thing at all with no sedation either, that is how slow and gentle it was.  And yet, diagnosis was made and work to be done was reported to me.  Fully undertanding that I panicked at even the sound of dental equipment, I was told of the conscious sedation program which I agreed to try.  Again, amazing success.  I felt nothing and the work was successfully done.

It has taken over two years to perform all the corrective work of which I was in need and many return appointments to the Pulfer's dental offices, but at no point did I ever feel anything.  My mouth looks and feels great and I actually look forward to my next visits.

Thank you, Dr. Brad and staff for turning the life of my oral care completely around.

~ Desiree M. ~

Thanks so much for all you do for me.  You are one of the nicest guys to be around.  You make me feel at ease.  You are the most gentlest dentist I have ever had.  Your staff make me feel at home and I can't wait to come see you.  Thanks again.

~ Ronald D. ~

I had a 40 year fear of dentists, as most victims of child abuse do.  It is an indescribable terror that consumes your whole mind and body.  The fear of being in pain, the fright of having no control.  After years of going through numerous, uncaring dentists, I just quit going.  My teeth were in pain and in need of care.  A friend recommended Dr. Brad and that experience changed my life.  His gentleness, compassion, and caring manner were so overwhelming, that it has taken away the fear and anxiety of dentistry.  Dr. Brad has since done a remarkable beautification to my teeth, and although I still feel a little apprehensive when I go in, I feel calmed as soon as I sit in the chair.  He, and his caring staff, have helped me overcome my greatest fear.  I cannot thank them enough.

~ Luann R. ~

I appreciate Dr. Pulfer. I have neglected the dentist due to fear of pain and Dr. Brad is understanding. I am relaxed and there is no pain. I recommend him to people I know. Thank you. You're the best.   

~ Tammy M. ~